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A great place to find out about this Province. http://www.thecanadapage.org/Nunavut.htm
The government webpage of this Province http://www.gov.nu.ca/Nunavut/
Exciting adventures http://www.arcticseakayakingadventures.com/
The official tourism site of this Province http://www.nunavuttourism.com/ 
Click on this map to hear their native language http://maps.nrcan.gc.ca/visualization/introduction/talking_map.html
Interesting facts and activities for kids http://www.kidzone.ws/geography/nunavut/index.htm
A schooling site that has a lot of facts and even a quiz if you want to take it http://homeschooling.about.com/cs/unitssubjgeog/a/pusnu.htm
Map courtesy of Natural Resources Canada