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www    Valuable links for educators & parents:    www This website promotes a movement and music program for children from birth to seven years.  While it primarily is used to locate a licensed Kindermusik educator in your area, there are some fun and worthwhile activities on the website. This website gives practical information for keeping our youth safe on the internet.  It is broken into age specific areas which allows you to immediately access age appropriate resources.  Everything from pornography to internet addition is covered. This site allows you to create on-line surveys.  With Canadians becoming the most "connected" per capita population, this could be used as a very effective tool for polling both your students and the parents of your students.  While you would never want to ask information of a confidential nature, this could be used in so many creative ways. CSC is a not-for-profit, charitable organization dedicated to consistently high standards for learning resources. They are a standards agency for the accreditation of educational resources which can be very useful for beginning teachers. Nothing scares some teachers, students and parents more than dealing with Mathematics. This site is very useful in dealing with terms and actual problems in an age specific manner.  I have found that when a quick refresher on a certain math topic is needed, the answers are here. This is an excellent site to start building your information on learning disabilities.  Everything from lesser known ones like Non-verbal Learning Disorder (NLVD) to being able to email experts to pose your individual questions is covered.  While we have to be careful not to prematurely label our challenging students, it still will help tremendously to be able to identify what might be a problem. A free six month subscription is available for providing your contact information.  This site has a great selection of activities especially pertaining to crafts for which I certainly need "step by step" instructions.  They also maintain an excellent selection of articles.  They would love you to buy something but as this site, like so many, are based in the USA, you will be faced with taxes and charges as your items cross the border. You have to wade through the banner ads with this free site but it is worth it to find the gems like their craft section.  This is an extensive list organized by dates, by materials and by age appropriate.  There are lessons covering each area of the curriculum and is definitely worth exploring. The International Journal of Special Education is one of the few that make their entire journal freely available to all.  This has been the practice since 2002 so there is starting to be quite a few articles that can not be accessed at the click of a mouse.   These articles are intended for professionals and cover such topics as: INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVES ON ATTENTION-DEFICIT/HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER.  An excellent feature is that abstracts are available for each article and then the full text.  While University students and professors enjoy access to many such sites, it is rare to come across one that is open to the general public.