Introduction Task Process Presentation Evaluation

Flag Facts:
Flag 1

Make sure you have enough papers for the areas you have been give and that their names are on the top.   Hey don't forget to put your name at the very top so you won't lose your work!

Step 1 - Getting ready

The first thing you will want to do is identify the flag for each of your provinces or areas.  Here is a clue...  the flag of Canada will show you the way to find maps of Canada and the flags of the Provinces and Territories.  You might want to number the flags and write that number beside the name of your area on your paper.  For instance, Canada is Flag number 1, so if you were given Canada as one of your locations you would write 1 on your paper.  The flag below Canada is number 2 and so on and so on...

Step 2 - Finding the information

Now that you know which flag to click on, you better get started finding that information on your Province. You will see a bunch of places to visit on the world wide web when you click on the flag of the Province.   Look at the pictures and read over the information, printing the answers you find to the questions on your paper.  You will have to use the back button to retrace your steps and then close the window that opens when you click on the flag to come back here.

Step 3 - All finished?

If each paper for the Province you have been given is filled out it is time to think about the presetation.  You will be put into groups and the first thing to do is share what you have found out with your classmates.  Head on over to Presentation to learn more about what you  are going to do...

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